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* As per latest interactions most of the people are not picking phones as they ran out of oxygen to supply. You can still check the last update mentioned in the field. Gov. of UP has passed the order to provide oxygen only to the very needy with doctors prescription, you can here:
(2) CM Office, GoUP (@CMOfficeUP) / Twitter
* We are constantly working on verifying and re-verify the numbers, you can check the status of verification in the list.
* The availability of resources might also change due to high demand.
* People may not answer phone calls, due to very high demand. Try to reach them via WhatsApp if the call is not answered.
AvailabilityNameContact NumberAreaVerified: Date - TimeSourceRemark
YesAjay Raj Tiwari8707744635LucknowPending
YesAman9984786786Lucknow20th April -13:02CallPre-Booking advised
YesDJ Avi7905926330Lucknow20th April - 16:22Call
YesJitendra Sumani9956223737Ahiyaganj, Lucknow20th April - 10:42CallAadhar card and mobile no. required
YesMona Jain9554544144Lucknow21st April - 17:55CallPre-Book
YesMurari Gases (Refill)9235302425Lucknow21st April - 10:11Referencehttps://goo.gl/maps/47zxYu3NyX3jmzgB6
YesO2 Cylinder Keete Welding Store (Refill)7860023111Deva Road, Lucknow21st April - 10:22Call
YesOudh Gases (Refill)9335710259257, Mawaiya, Aishbagh Road, Lucknow20th April - 17:28Call
YesOxygen Concentrator- Tanishq Arora6394947866Lucknow21st April - 11:00CallPre-Book requested
YesPick & Drop Services Pvt. Ltd. (Refill)8881803073Lucknow20th April - 15:28CallRefill up to 10Kg
YesPriyanka Singh Raghuvanshi9807860146LucknowPending
YesRK Oxygen (Refilling)9515403024Plot no. 246, Kamlabad Barauli, Bakshi Ka talab, lko21st April - 14:14Call
YesSerang (Refill)7379854888Near Sherwood Hospital, Safedabad, Lucknow21st April - 13:11Call
YesSaeed Abbas Mehendi8887844690Lucknow21st April - 12:13Twitter
YesSubhash Chandra9793045444Lucknow21st April - 12:13Twitter
YesVaibhav Jain9936298620Lucknow21st April - 12:14Twitter
YesAli Agha9335776414Luckow21st April - 12:14Twitter
YesSarang (Refill)8090067876Faizabad Road21st April - 14:16Instagram
YesOudh (Refill)9044016107Talkatora Industrial Area21st April - 14:16Instagram
YesITI Cyliner7905848701Lucknow21st April - 14:30Call
YesPratham Enterprises (Can)7235807158Nishant Ganj21st April - 15:00Call
NoAbhishek Oxygen Cans6393823802Lucknow21st April - 13:11Call
NoAyush Gas98995 09939Lucknow21st April - 17:22Call
NoBhupendra Oxygen7844038913Lucknow21st April - 17:20Call
NoBilal Khan80900 67876Lucknow21st April - 11:10Call
NoKatiyar(Refilling)7408290732Lucknow21st April - 14:02Call
NoManas Sharma (Refill)77558 88134Sadar Cantt., Lucknow21st April - 12:10Instagram
NoO2 Cylinder, BR Enclave, Deva Road (Refill)7860023113Deva Road, Lucknow21st April - 10:13Call
NoPurshottam Gas Supplier9651777776PNT colony, Raebareli.Pending
NoShree Ji Flexo oxygen cans9628277774Lucknow20th April - 13:00Call
NoTanmay Amity (Refill)83186 17874Lucknow21st April - 14:00Call
NoAminabad Surgical9919239393LucknowPending
NoDynamic Enterprises7947152610Phaphamau, Allahabad DistrictPending
NoJumbo Size O2 tank8960155550Lucknow21st April - 14:02CallRestart service by 25th April
NoMatrix Healthcare7947439572Civil Lines, AllahabadPending
NoO2 Cylinder7985096433/7860100001KanpurPending
NoOxygen Cylinder8707342450KanpurPending
NoOxygen Cylinder6394905855KanpurPending
NoOxygen Cylinder7267091810LucknowPending
NoOxygen Cylinder (Small)9415018726LucknowPending
NoOxygen Cylinder- Rudransh Arora9559694440LucknowPending
NoRashika Bhutani8090531401LucknowPending
NoSai Traders Aliganj9304084300LucknowPending
NoSawaab Samaj Foundation9818936934/9971265674LucknowPending
NoSiddharth Anand7897392344Shakti Nagar, Indira Nagar, LucknowPending
NoSurjeet Singh Oxygen9335928204LucknowPending
NoTanmay Bhattacharya7905852197Lucknow21st April - 11:00Call
NoVansh Varshana7905852197IT College, Lucknow21st April - 14:11Call
Atul 915159045421st April Call
Oxygen8737026009Lucknow22nd April - 12:05AMCall
Oxygen7293555535Lucknow22nd April - 01:05PMCall
Oxygen Concentrator7007905002/ 9838072210Lucknow22nd AprilCall
Oxygen8737026009Lucknow22nd April
Rahul Tiwary9140437008Lucknow22nd April
YesDaniyal95943 34430Lucknow 26th April - 17:22WhatsApp
YesOxygen78000 13000Lucknow26th April - 17:23WhatsApp
YesOxygen79053 66348Lucknow26th April - 17:24WhatsApp
YesOxygen84473 90017Lucknow26th April - 17:22WhatsApp
YesMatrix PGI522 423 4749PGI Lucknow26th April - 17:20WhatsApp